Spoken word for the poem,

Enough Written by Kelly Mallasch in January of 2019

Hey can I tell you a secret?

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

The one in the mirror is tired

Skin peeked, eyes droopy

There is not enough concealer in that tube to cover those dark circles,

So she doesn’t

Pulls her hair back in a tired pony and heads out the door where she is bombarded with


The buckle jeans

Exend your eye lashes

Gel nail

Push up, tummy tuck, butt lift, make your lighter make you darker

Better, more liked more loved


What she will never be is enough

That’s what it boils down to

You don’t

You won’t

Because you think your not enough

Hey can I tell you a secret?

He knows how many hairs are on your head


That’s how many so far this year

All boys

All too young

All gone

All filed away



Is there anything I could have done differently?

If I would have caught their eye one last time and said

You are worth it

Your enough

Would they still be here?

Would their mom’s still have a son?

We got cookies delivered to us on one of their birthdays

I couldn’t eat one

I thought what it must have felt like to bake them

Knowing he would never taste one

They were his favorite

How hard that day had to be

His first birthday, without him


All boys

All had parents who came home and found them



Why did the think they were not enough?

Hey, Can I tell you a secret?

He wrote your name on his hand, your walls are always before Him.

There are women in this world who don’t know their own name

There are women in this world who don’t know the definition of love

Who think that black lace and pain is all men really want

There are women in this world waiting to be rescued, but have no idea what that rescue looks like

They can’t remember what their life was like, before he entered

There are women in this world who would do anything for him

Beat their bodies, give their bodies, destroy their bodies

They have been brutalized, sexualized and terrorized

beaten, raped, destroyed, they are worn out like a rag and frightened like a dog

They’ve had every known horrible thing done and attached to them

They have been branded as slaves


Look at them

Do you think their enough?

They want to be rescued, but when rescue comes they don’t recognize it

They run

When was the last time you recognized your rescue?

How do you tell these women they’re enough

Hey, Can I tell you a secret?

He knows the desires of your heart, He put them there

So, I get it

You don’t want to go until your ready

You gotta clean up first


He’s here now, in your messiness

He’s sitting in the dirt

Next to the dirty laundry and that poptart ground into the carpet

But you think you can keep him out with all your business

You begin to build a wall around you

Brick by Brick

Your Career

Your Bills

Your Family

The Workouts

The Endless meetings

Kids Practice

Until the wall has blocked out your sight of Him

The wall you built in the way has you has become your own cell

And your too tired to

To push




You can stop

Your wall can’t hold him out

He passed thru

He’s in the cell with you

And he can tear it down

Set you free

Hey can I tell you a secret

Your not in control

Yeah, its not about you

He was here before you and he’ll be here when your gone

You can spin, plan, try

But never forget

You are not in control

So quit punishing yourself

You were not made to carry all of this

He was

He did

And He will


Let it go

Release it to him

And let him in

He’s enough

Hey Can I tell you a secret

Your enough


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