I Will Wait on You

Spoken word/poetry written by Kelly Mallasch in 2019

The line doesn’t move, the clock doesn’t tick

time feels waisted and you stand shifting your weight from foot to foot.

You have somewhere to be, things to do, places to be, problems to solve, kids to feed, but the line doesn’t move

You stand there, silently waiting. Shopping cart perfectly lined up for unloading

Waiting is hard.


You wait in line, in traffic, at the store, on your kids, on your husband, on your life, on your promise…until the weight of waiting tires you out, weighs you down

And you still have to wait

Waiting is hard

Your divine appointment hasn’t arrived yet. Your still pregnant with the thought of something big, life changing. The conversations you had with your heavenly Father sound a redundant when.

When will things change? when will I step into my purpose?, when will I heal? when will my life have meaning?  When will they see the big picture? When will I not be alone? When will this line move?

It changes to please,

please just change things,

please just heal me,

please just…move.

And you still have to wait

Waiting is hard

It didn’t rain for 3 years and 6 months. He came and crouched down on the earth, put his hand between his knees and prayed. He then sent his servant to climb to the top of the fertile plain and look. Nothing, He looked again. He saw a blue sky and the waves of the sea.

He looked again, no clouds, a beautiful blue horizon.

Four more times he walked to the edge and looked at the waves, the blue empty sky, nothing.

On the seventh time he saw it. A small puff of white the size of his hand coming up over the waves. He ran to his master and in a little while the sky grew dark.

How many times will you have to look?

Scanning the surface of your reality hoping for a change, even small.

How long will you expect, anticipate, hope?

Will it be long enough?

But those who wait for the Lord

Expect, anticipate

look for,

and hope

will gain new strength and renew their power, they will lift up their wings and rise up close to God like eagles ,rising toward the sun.

They will run and not become weary,

They will walk and not grow tired.

I will wait on you Lord.


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