Save Me

This spoken word is written by Kelly Mallasch in 2018 and based on the picture by Yongsung Kim

The water is freezing, I flail and  I kick but I can’t shake it off of me.

The cold, darkness settles in as it gets harder to fight back,

to breathe.

As I slip under.

Under, it’s where we all float at times

Under the darkness of a failure, an overwhelming situation.

Under a great fear

Under is our greatest fear.

How long will you stay under?

Do you ever feel like you just can’t breathe?

You fight to reach the surface with tired muscles and burning lungs…

But you can’t breakthrough the waves.

Do you need saving?

Saving from what?

Not your sins, your a good person, you do the right thing.

The legalistic mantra you’ve heard from your childhood that your bad and can’t be good you’ve already decided is a lie.

If there’s a God why would he care about what I do and why would he allow all this hate and say what I like to do is wrong when I’ve obeyed the law, and live a decent life and sure we all make mistakes but that’s humanity and I don’t need saving.

Do you need Saving?

Do you need Saving?

Are you drowning in something else?

What are you denying yourself by not denying yourself?

Did “it” happen? Did she leave? Did your test come back positive? Did he die? Did the car crash? Are you in the hospital? Did Fear pull you under? Are you tired? Are you frustrated? Are you angry? Did revenge not taste sweet? Are you not satisfied?

Do you need saving?

Do you need saving?

I do.

Save me,

Save me from pain.

Save me from fear.

Save me from judgement.

Save me from the cold, empty, overwhelming darkness that is slowly consuming me as I sink lower.

Save me from the lies I believe.

Save me from sin. Not just mine.

Pull me, pick me.

And give me the strength to reach back and Hold your hand.

Pull me out so I can breathe.

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