Why Would You Want 2 Become Brave?

134FBAE5-CE52-4BB4-B96A-86D2EC68550AHello, I’m Kelly and If you’ve stumbled across my blog we have something in common. We both either known someone or been someone who has struggled with fear and anxiety. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can become brave that that is just what my blog is about.

I’ve spent a lifetime of living afraid day to day and struggling with depression, anxiety and a slew of physical ailments all from living in a constant state of stress. In May of 2017 I hit a breaking point, literally, when I ruptured my S5 disc in my back and ended up with back surgery, nerve damage and a long road of recovery. It was then, while recovering after surgery I decided I was divorcing fear and anxiety. This blog is not only about the journey I have been through but also its full lessons I’ve learned that can help you in your own daily walk to become more brave.

I have a wonderful husband and three precious children. More than anything I want to be a steady reassuring influence in they’re lives and I’ve learned fear and anxiety plays no part in that. They are also part of why I choose to become brave. I also love to be artistic and creative and that has been my haven during this recovery. I like to write about crafts and jewelry I’ve made as well as theater, poetry and performance art. I hope I give you some great ideas and even better encouragement. Thank you for joining me on this journey 2becomebrave.

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