Live Out Loud Charity Creates Brave Hearts

IMG-9265 I just came home from Live Out Loud Charity’s Indianapolis fashion show event and I will say my heart hurts. It was one of the most raw, moving experiences I have ever had. This charity is full, jammed packed, with brave men and women, some as young as 12, who have battled suicide, bulling and other abuses. Many of them told their stories and some were survivors of multiple attempts at suicide. These models told stories of how this charity has brought them hope and given them a family of support and love. LOLC said in their press release that over 75 models of all sizes, heights ages and ethnic  backgrounds took the stage last night at the Indianapolis Arts Garden,  to stand against suicide and bullying. “Out models are real people affected by suicide, depression, bullying and low self-esteem. Each person that walks our runway is empowered by our training and their incredible experiences they gain at LOLC events.”  One of the most moving moments of the night was when Sherrie Gearheart, founder of Live Out Loud Charity,   awarded a number of models for their work in the organization and each model said how many lives they had saved from suicide. Some of these women had only been involved in the organization a total of 4 months and had already saved 1 to 3 people. IMG-9199

Over 9 models told their individual stories of what led them to depression, suicidal thoughts and then to the saving grace of the Live Out Loud Charity. These women and men did not all look like runway models and that was what made this event so wonderful. It was truly a celebration of life, of these men and women overcoming and gaining hope.

Sherrie Gearheart

The Live Out Loud Charity was founded in 2010 with the goal to serve “those at risk of committing suicide and to help stop this preventable cause of death from continually happening across the world,” according to their website. The charity offers suicide prevention training, anti bullying and core character development seminars. They also have trained members who can conduct suicide interventions. If you know of someone who may need their help anyone can call their hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

During the runway show there were dancers who performed beautiful pieces about hope and strength as well as musical artists one of which gave her own testimony of how Live Out Loud Charity has helped her with her own battles of depression.

The vendors at the event were also very much in touch with the charity and their mission. My friend and mentor Angel Simmon’s had a table for her Loves Great Design T-Shirts. Carla DeBois was kind enough to show of one of her T’s for me.IMG-9153



I met artist Cora Magere who painted during the event. Her piece she said d is a picture of a woman breaking down the wall and escaping suicide. I thought it was beautifully prophetic. Cora also featured a painting of Kaelief Browder, an Indianapolis man who committed suicide in 2015 after being incarcerated for minor felonies.

Another vendor was Andre Joachim Jr. and his beautiful clothing to raise awareness of vitiligo and stop bulling and rejection of children and adults with it. Andre began developing vitiligo when he was in his 20’s he told me although most people with the skin condition develop it in later years. I thought it was wonderful that a model in the show also had viteligo and she was beautiful. His clothing can be found online at


The desginers for the show include Wonderfuly Made Designs out of Indiana, Immanuel Clothing, Emily Artware, Designs by Don Marie, Stone Stylz, Kim’s Bridal Boutique, Wonderfulee Marlee, Danaya Designs 4U and the Pokadotted Pineapple Boutique from Kentucky. Here were some of my favorites!





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