Wonderful Dolphin Adventure at Indianapolis Zoo

IMG-0408Saturday was one of those days Ill remember my whole life. It was a wonderful family day. My brother had gotten the girls a very special Christmas gift this year. He gifted them a dolphin art adventure at the Indianapolis Zoo. The day was truly a blessing from God as many things could have gone wrong, didn’t.  The problem was we didn’t have anything tangable saying we had recieved the gift. It was all done electronically and my brother had all the reciepts on his phone. He and his wife were on a trip out the country.
I called the zoo the day before asking what we needed to do when we got there and was informed that although our information could be looked up I really needed that receipt to prove we were there for the adventure.

Not long ago this would have thrown me into total panic mode. But I texted my brother, knowing he wouldn’t receive it, and he didn’t. and just prayed about it. When we got there Saturday there was a lot of confusion on what to do with us, since we didn’t have the receipt. No one was available to look us up and the general admission staff wasn’t sure what to do. They did let us into the zoo after several minutes of waiting and told us where to go. We had gotten their about an hour early because I had been told the day before we could visit the zoo before our adventure.  Praying kept me calm and I prayed God to help the admission staff as they were trying to figure out what to do with us. I was thankful that God helped me stay calm through it as I was beginning to get anxious.

When we arrived for our dolphin visit we needed to wait again but this time they had our names verified and there was no confusion. I was so thankful for that. Our tour guide, Jory, did a wonderful job talking and joking with my two daughters as we went to the dolphin exhibit. There we met a dolphin trainer, Amy who let the girls pick out paint colors for their canvas the dolphin was going to paint. We were also allowed to see how the dolphins were fed and were surprised that in their fish diet they also go unflavored gelatin cubes.

IMG-0388We were paired with a mail dolphin named Jett who was born at the Zoo in 2002. Jett was very excited to see us and to paint. Amy slipped a round circle over his nose and the paint brush extended out from it. Jett was so excited as he put the four colors on the canvas. All four of us got to feed him fish and rub his back, which felt very soft and rubbery. The girls even got to give him a belly rub. IMG-0399

My oldest daughter has said since she was a child that someday she wanted to be a dolphin trainer. I think that day encouraged that dream a little bit more. We really had a great time and I am so thankful to my brother for such a wonderful gift.

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