God Always Has Good Plans for Us

My brother and me have been planning to go to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis together all summer. Our families were finally were able to right before my membership expired this past weekend. While we were there I had an unexpected situation occur that could have caused the entire trip to be ruined but by the grace of God it wasn’t and we actually had a pretty good  visit.

We had only been at the children’s museum about 20 minutes. The kids had spent their time in the dinosaur exhibit, their favorite, and we were doing a bathroom break before heading up to the next exhibit. My brother had taken his two boys to the bathroom and since we were waiting, my husband and I went to sit down at a nearby bench. When I sat down my purse swung under me and I sat right on a pair of scissors I had left in my purse from my last sewing project.

The scissors went through the purse, through my pants and into my left thigh. I had instant pain. My husband thought I had hurt my back until he saw the blood seeping through my pants. I ran in the family bathroom and began applying pressure to the wound.  Thankfully it wasn’t very deep. My husband ran to get band aids or help. I was left in the bathroom. I began to pray and the bleeding slowed down. Soon my husband showed up with a band aid, but my pants looked ruined. I asked him to go to the gift shop and see if they had a dress or some shorts for sale. I started washing the pants out in the sink. Thankfully everything came out and I was left with very wet pants and no hand dryer in the bathroom.  So I prayed that my husband would find something. He returned with a dress and a over-sized shirt. I dawned the dress and found my brother who was taking care of all 4 kids. He had no idea what had happened. I was hurting but I smiled and said, we just have another story for the books. God had taken care of me, my husband had taken care of me and I was not going to let it ruin my day.

We stayed until the museum closed and the kids all had fun seeing the new Greece exhibit and playing a last time at the Paw Patrol exhibit. I don’t think the kids really even knew what happened they had such a good time. I was so thankful that we were able to get together. It just shows how God can turn any bad situation into something good if you let Him.



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