My Testimony

I listened to a worship class two weeks ago lead by Rick Pino and Todd White. Towards the end they challenged everyone in the class to share their testimony. I can remember a time in my life when I thought I didn’t have a testimony. I never did drugs, never got into trouble. I grew up loving Jesus. When I was little I wanted to be a missionary. When I was in high school I wanted to be a worship leader. I haven’t become either yet but I was always God’s girl. Even in college when I drifted away from my faith I still believed Jesus loved me.

All that changed drastically the day I ruptured my S5 disc in my back. I suddenly in that moment was in desperate need of saving. In the days that followed when I couldn’t walk or get out of bed, I was in desperate need of saving. In My husband and family watching me suffer were also in desperate need of saving. Saving came but so slowly. Climbing out of the pain and helplessness seemed to take forever. But saving still came.

Jesus saved me that day. I injured my back sweeping up my three-year-old son as he ran away from me while I was trying to get him in the car to a doctor appointment. I drove to the appointment after I injured my back. The kind of injury I suffered caused the sciatic nerve in my back to be pinched and my right leg was in severe pain the entire 40 minutes I drove to and from the doctor. God got me home with no car accidents. That alone was a miracle.

Once I was home we were able to talk directly to my doctor on the phone instead of going to the emergency room. They were able to do MRI scans the very next day. God provided me with doctors who were able to treat and care for me for the next 8 months I was in recovery and physical therapy. God has provided me with a neurologist who can provide me with the medication I need for my ongoing never damage in my right foot from the injury. We found a foot doctor. Who performed a foot surgery almost a year ago today which has given me even more mobility.

But God has done so much more in my heart since all this happened. He’s helped me battle fear. He’s given me stronger convictions and I have a better relationship, more trusting relationship with Jesus than I ever did before. He’s a good God who take care of those of us who love Him.

God used what was the scariest, hardest thing in my life and has made it for good. I know he can do the same for you. He truly is a good God.

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