Remember, Jesus does Love You

I remember when I took this picture. It was September of 2017 when my girls were still in dance. We were rushed for time, hurrying into the parking lot for class. It was always a chaotic rush to get there after school. We were rushing out, ready to get home when I looked up and saw a perfect heart in the clouds. I had spent the summer in bed recovering from a ruptured S5 disk. I still had pain and numbness in my right foot and leg, was still going to physical therapy and was finally able to drive my kids to dance practice. I’m sure my foot hurt. I’m sure I wondered if I could make it to dance let alone on time. I’m sure I was dreading driving home. But looking up and seeing that beautiful heart. It was a huge God kiss.

I needed a reminder that God loved me. Life was really hard at that point. School had started. I was up and walking but home alone for the first time in my life. I had a 4 year old little boy I had to take care of during the day. I posted the picture on Facebook with the caption “Profetic sign over Southport today, Jesus loves you.” I remember later many of my friends had seen the same clouds and posted pictures of it.

If God can arrange the clouds in the sky to make a perfect heart at just the right moment for me. He can arrange our lives to live out our destiny. He loves us and he has perfect plans for our lives. He is taking us all on a journey. Sometimes that journey is really hard and we need to look up and see his glory. I was having a day when I needed to look up and see Him and know how much He loves me. If your struggling with life today I hope this helps you to look up and focus on Him too. He loves you, so much he arranged the clouds for you to see it. He loves you so much he sent his son to show you.

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