Goals for a New Year, Add Some Exercise

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

I started this year off with a few changes. I wanted to get physically healthier. So I am fasting sugar and pop for 21 days, almost there, and have tried to do at least 20 minutes of yoga everyday. Christians can do yoga? Yes we can. It’s a little different we focus on God instead of just meditating. I don’t hum. Yoga is a wonderful way to exercise if you struggle with anxiety and depression.

Exercise of any kind releases endorphins and those are needed for you to feel good. Yoga teaches you how to control your breath which helps with anxious thoughts. Due to my back, knee and foot problems other exercises are harder for me to do. I am still at beginner speed but I can do most yoga without injuring myself. Currently I practice yoga by watching You Tube videos from the channel Christians Do Yoga there website is http://christiansdoyoga.com.

This channel has great videos for beginners up to advance. Since I have been doing yoga everyday I feel calmer, I’m in a better overall mood and I can move my body easier.

In these videos the instructor gives us a Bible verse to focus on and then moves you through a yoga flow with prayer at the end. She even has a 10 days of Holy Yoga practice where the instructor says, “It’s not about the yoga but your daily time with God.”

It’s something I’ve started to look forward too. You might say you don’t have time to exercise but I’m sure you have 20 minutes. The nice thing about yoga is you can do it day or night. It energizes you or can help you sleep better. Some churches and YMCA’s offer yoga classes. Ours did until covid happened. I am excited for it to start again.

What kind of goals have you made for yourselves this coming year? I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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