Talk It Out

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I have a unique gift. I can be in the grocery store in line with a complete stranger, say hi to them and in a few moments have them tell me their life story. I don’t know if its because I look approachable or God has given me a gift of listening but it happens a lot. My husband often jokes that is why I am late to things, too busy chatting. But it made me think about why people do that. Why would someone spill their guts to a complete stranger? I think its because we all need someone to talk to and we very humanly say whatever it is on our hearts.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression its important to talk about it with someone. Talking with someone is the first step towards healing. Therapists are there to talk to. They listen, they give encouragement, they give you strategic tools to combat anxious or depressed situations. But if your not ready for the “leap of therapy” having a friend or a family member or a spouse that will just sit and listen is helpful. Oftentimes when we discuss what is causing our anxiety or depression saying it out loud can lift the burden of it. It can help us rationalize it. Talking about it can help take the weight of it off our shoulders.

It is also helpful to talk with someone who has been through something similar to what you are currently going through. With my back injury I also have nerve damage to my right foot. I have a good friend who I met during my recovery who has nerve damage to her left foot from an accident. Sharing stories, seeing her walk normally, hearing that someone else had been in the same place I was was so comforting and encouraging. Many of us suffer from anxiety and depression. Finding someone who understands what it feels like can help you not feel so alone.

If you don’t have anyone to talk to and feel like you need help call 1-800-273-TALK, The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. They are skilled to help calm you down and get you on the right track to find help to start your healing process.

Healing from anxiety and depression is a process. Those things that cause your anxiety and depression will not just simply go away. If you want to be able to cope with these feelings you need tools to do so and help from others. There are many tools you will need in you toolbox to combat anxiety and depression. But a person you can confide in will help you tremendously.

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