Staying Positive When You Have A Setback

Last week I wrote about coping with change in your life. And of course immediately after I experienced some change. Friday my middle daughter fell ill with a sinus infection keeping her from attending play practice. Friday evening my oldest daughter fell off her skate board and fractured her elbow and then Monday my youngest son woke up with an ear infection. Total chaos ensued. All activities were canceled and I found myself needed by all three kids at that same time. My hearts broke for them as I administered medicine and the occasional hug. Thankfully my to sick ones are on the mend with antibiotics and feel much better. However my oldest is majorly bummed. She cannot ride horses till she’s healed and it will be along 6 weeks without them.

So we have on our hands a set back. Set backs are not fun or comfortable or easy. They happen to everybody and sometimes you just wonder “God why am I going through this?” I tried to remind my oldest this is not her first setback. When she was 8 or 9 years old she sprained her ankle and couldn’t dance for 6 weeks. She was so frustrated I thought dance was over. But she opted to take summer classes and by the fall she was right back on track doing fouette’s around the room.

So I reminded her that this is just a set back. In six weeks she can be back on a horse and in her element. We talked about focusing on school and her drawing until she feels better. We tried to look at the bright side.

Jesus knew set backs too. Herod killed his cousin John the Baptist. That was a set back. A huge one. Jesus’s friend, cousin and main evangelist for Him was gone. Jesus needed to grieve his loss but instead he taught and fed 5000 people (Luke 9:9-17) Jesus was told by the disciples to withdraw and rest but instead because he had compassion over the crowds he stayed and taught and performed a miracle to feed them.

That tells me that inside the set back God is still working and still has purpose for you. God has a plan for my daughter in these six weeks of rest. He’s going to still work in her and through her until she can go back to that stable.

The same is true for you. Whatever setback you are facing is just that it’s a set back not a benching. You can still be used through it. As long as theirs breath in your lungs God has a plan and a purpose for you.

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