Look At the Birds…

Photo by Tina Nord on Pexels.com

I have witnessed two bird miracles in my lifetime. The first was this past summer. I was leaving the costume closet for my daughter’s theater in downtown Indianapolis. I was walking up toward the circle and a pigeon fell from the sky and hit the street a few feet in front of me. It hit the ground hard. I had no idea what to do. So I scooped it up and laid it on the sidewalk. It then began to twitch and flopped itself back onto the street. So I scooped it up again, put it back on the sidewalk and just watched it flopped. I started to pray for that poor bird that it would be alright. In a few minutes after I prayed it stopped flopping and flew off. I walked away slowly, kept glancing back in unbelief, waiting for it to fall back to the ground. Once I got to the car I even drove back that way to make sure no birds had fallen back down. 

Two weeks ago a similar situation occurred. I was a block from home when I almost drove over a beautiful red cardinal in the street. I pulled over and tried to shoe it into the grass beside the road. It didn’t budge. Carefully I scooped it up and carried it into the field by the road. I was in shock that the bird let me. It didn’t even try to fly off my hands. So I prayed again. Then I called animal control to see if they could do anything. I suspected it was stunned or something was wrong with its wing. It was early in the morning and they weren’t open yet. I went home and got a box, filled it with fleece material and started to walk back to where I left the bird. My plan was if I couldn’t get a hold of animal control I could take it to my parents house, who have lots of bird houses and we could nurse it back to health there. I walked back to the field and saw the bird a few yards away from me, Right where I left him. As I got close it flew off toward some trees in a neighbor’s yard. I was so happy and thankful it was alright. I made sure to fill my bird feeders in the next few days so that if it came back it would have plenty of food. 

Jesus says in Matthew chapter 6 verse 26 to look at the birds. 

“Look at the birds of the air, they neither sow (seed) nor gather (the crops) into barns, and yet your heavenly Father keeps feeding them. Are you not worthy much more than they?”

This is what I thought about when I walked back home from the cardinal’s departure. I was in, am in a time of need when I have many, many worries. Yet despite those worries God chose that moment to answer my prayers and care for a bird. To remind me how much more he will take care of me through all my troubles and tribulations. I just needed the humbleness to ask.

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