CGFAA Presented Narnia the Musical, How God Provides

The CGFAA Cast of Narnia the Musical

My middle daughter, Lucy, just completed a weekend of 7 shows with Center Grove Fine Arts Academy. They performed Narnia the Musical with a cast of over 90 students ages 8 to 18. This is Lucy’s second show with the program. The program itself is a wonderful way to let students learn about theater and fellowship in Christ together. As I said in previous blogs I served on the costume committee, which I find very fun and challenging.


Tec week / show week are equally fun. All the preparations are done and us costume moms hang out back stage to make quick fixes and help with quick changes. We get to know the cast a little bit, see how much hard work went into everything and get to know each other. I truly enjoy the team comradeship that forms and the friendships you have going into to the next show.

Like any other God-serving task I’ve ever experienced this one seemed to have its own sets of challenges and battles along the way, especially the week of tec. What surprised me is this time I didn’t get quite as despaired by them as usual, except for a challenge that came on towards the beginning of tec week. Physically I wasn’t up to the task of driving to and from T.C. Howe High School which is about a 35 minute drive from my house on the expressway. Getting to the school I did fairly well, but driving me and my daughter home from practice at 11:30 at night my right foot, which has nerve damage from my back in it, couldn’t keep the petal down at the 65 miles and hour I needed to stay at on the expressway.  After one night of driving home in unbearable pain I woke praying to God to provide another way for us to get there. I messaged the moms I knew lived near me and hoped for an answer.

God had already figured it out. Nicki, who was one of the leaders of the costume committee and someone I didn’t even think to ask, messaged me and offered to give me the night off and take Lucy. She does not know what a God send she was. That night I truly needed rest. The next few days my daughter and I were able to catch rides with two other girl scout moms that I am so thankful too and over the weekend my husband drove, allowing us some needed catching up. Next to the way God provided through this battle the other stresses of the show, costumes misplaced, tails torn,  all seemed small. I knew that somehow these things would be resolved too by God’s grace.

“Deep Magic” one of my favorite scenes in the play

The wonderful thing about serving in a community of believers I think is that when the trouble does arrive you can openly remind each other to pray and pray for each other.  You can give God the glory in unison when the victory, big and small do occur and all this can be done without hesitation the real world brings on. I love the diverseness this group has in our individual christian beliefs and yet we come together and work together without those differences being a hindrance.  I believe the acceptance the children have of each other is what bubbles over into the adults. I am so thankful for this program exists in our community and can’t wait to see what great things it will bring. For more information on CGFAA please check out their website at 

Did you get to see Narnia or do you have a similar program in your area? Please comment about it below.

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