God Answers Prayers in Extraordinary Ways

Well last week I was a day away from a medical procedure that hopefully going to relieve the pain in my back and right foot. About 8:30 a.m., less than an hour after I posted I got a phone call. It was the doctors office canceling the procedure. My insurance had dropped my doctor, the facility was still in network but for some reason my doctor was not. I have worked in the medical field prior to my accident for 10 years. I am well aware that when your insurance no longer has your doctor in network, mistake or not, it could take weeks to months to fix. After a long discussion on the phone with my insurance and the doctors office I was told that this was an error on my insurance’s part and I just needed to wait. The office would reschedule the procedure as soon as it all was fixed.

Well, I said I wanted a testimony, here it is. I sat down and prayed, I was unsure why this was happening and I really didn’t know how to pray so I prayed that God’s will be done. Then I prayed that the Holy Spirit would pray for me. Then I messaged all my prayer warrior friends and asked them to pray. Then I felt it on my heart to ask my church to pray, that’s something I had only done one other time when I was having horrible migraines, but I really felt prompted by the Spirit so I did. Then I decided as an act of faith I would try to do what I was supposed to do for the procedure, I drank a lot of water, got the house chores done I usually do on Tuesday and prayed a lot . When I took my son to school I had KLOVE radio station on in the car and cried because it was like every song was speaking to my situation. The song by Mercy Me “Even IF” came on and I almost cried so hard I couldn’t drive. It was followed by Tauren Wells “Hills and Valleys” One of my theme songs since the accident occurred. If you’ve ever experienced a ministering of your spirit through the radio station you know how amazing it is that God uses these songs to speak to your situation.

By 4 p.m. The web portal to my insurance still showed my doctor not in network. So at that point I was sure it the procedure wasn’t happening. I was still reeling, do I need to find a new doctor, how long do I wait to find a new doctor, is God trying to protect me from something? I didn’t know really why it was happening. In the situation we found some good, it would allow my husband to go to work and have the meetings he needed, my mom had recently fallen and needed to recover, her and my dad would be watching my son during the procedure. So I was trying to be thankful for these reasons.

Tuesday morning came and my husband wanted me to call the doctor again before he headed to work. There had been no change and the procedure was canceled. I went about my day and at 1:30 received another phone call from the doctor’s office. Everything was fixed my doctor was back and network and they needed to reschedule the procedure. Prayers were answered. I rescheduled for tomorrow. So far I have not received any more phone calls so I believe were really going thru with it tomorrow. I don’t know why all this happened and it has left me with lots of questions but I don’t think I’m as anxious as I was last week. I’m still praying God’s will be done and I’m still praying for healing.

The delay also allowed me another day at physical therapy where my therapist had me call the doctor due to the fact that my hips won’t stay in alignment and when she tries to correct them its really painful. That earned me a follow up appointment with the doctor which I am thankful for. I don’t think that would happen without the delay. So I am determined to believe that all these weird plans God has ordained for my good. Hopefully next week I’ll have another praise to post and more healing.

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