How to Make Glass Bulb Holiday Wreaths Card Holders



I love this time of year when Thanksgiving is over and you can start getting out the Christmas decorations. Many of mine are homemade and I can’t wait to share them with you.  Last year I realized I have finally hit that point where there is no room on my tree for colored bulb ornaments. We’ve been collecting Disney ornaments since we were married 19 years ago and I finally could do a whole tree of just them. Since I wanted to condense and conserve room last year I decided to do something creative with the left over bulbs I had. I wanted to to make a wreath for the front door out of them but soon realized I really didn’t have enough to do anything large. After researching a number of ways to make the wreaths out of bulb ornaments I decided to add clips to my wreath and make a place to display Christmas cards. The project was pretty fun and easy to make.

The supplies you will need are, a paper plate, gold spray paint, cardboard, 12 clothes pins, at least 20 colored glass bulb ornaments, green garland, other Christmas flower picks and sprigs and your hot glue gun. This project takes a lot of hot glue so make sure you have plenty to start with.

First cut out the center of your paper plate. I used the paper plate to give me a template and idea of how big the wreath would be. Next trace the paper plate onto a piece of cardboard and cut it to be exactly the same of as the paper plate. This will be the back of your wreath. Hot glue the two pieces together.


Next I took 12 clothespins and spray painted them gold. You can make them whatever color you like or even leave them plain. I hot glued the clothespins, open side facing out, around the paper plate in a clockwise fashion.

IMG_7077Next I took green garland, you can use any color you like depending on the bulbs you have… silver looks really pretty, and wrapped it around the circle gluing the garland in place at the back of the wreath. I made sure to wrap around the clothes pins so that they looked hidden into the garland.IMG_7090

Then I took all my colored ornament baubles arranged them around the wreath and hot glued them to the garland. You can also hot glue them to each other. Once that was dry I took my other Christmas flower picks and sprigs and added it around the wreath with hot glue. Once it was dry I hung it on my door with a door hanger, but It would be easy to hot glue a hanger to the back of the wreath and hang it on a wall. I made two of these, one for me and one for a friend. They are fragile but do look pretty and I hope now that its hung back up this year I’ll be motivated to write my Christmas cards. Let me know in the comments below if you try this project or if you have other ways of displaying your Holiday cards this year.



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