My Christmas Craft Traditions

I look forward to one day every year with my kids. Its the day we make our stockings. I started this tradition when my first child was about 2. I could’t find a set of stockings I liked. So I decided why not let her make her own. So with a little glue and pompoms our tradition was born. She is 13 now and last year was the first year she did not make her own stocking. Instead I purchased a pretty sea themed one for her. My 10 and 4-year-old still make their stockings. We made them last night. My 4-year-old son was so excited to use glitter he poured out two containers of it. It was quickly cleaned up both times and I was amazed how not upset I was by it. Its true your third one doesn’t get you as riled up as the first.IMG_0004

The other tradition we do is we add hands to my tree skirt. This tradition started in 2008 my middle child’s first Christmas. I saw an article in Parents magazine that had it listed as a fun craft for kids and fell in love with it. They recommended buying a plain felt tree skirt but I made my own.

Here is how you do it. Since I made this in 2008 I don’t have step by step pictures but to make your own no-sew tree skirt its fairly simple so I will give you step by step instructions. First I purchased two yards of fleece in a candy cane stripe and two yards of fleece in plain white. You can use any Christmas pattern and just make sure what your going to use as your bottom is a plain color.

Next take the two pieces of fleece and lay them wrong sides together. Cut a circle out of both pieces (you need sharp scissors) approximately 58 inches in diameter. Once the circle is complete cut a line straight into the middle of the circle and then cut a smaller circle. This is where it will slide on and around the tree. Once that is done cut strips about 4 inches long and 1 to 2 inches apart around the entire circle.  Try to make sure they are even and uniformed. Do not cut strips in the area where you made the slit to fit around the tree. Then go around the circle and tie the bottom strip to the top strip in a knot, just like you would a no-sew blanket. You not have a plain tree skirt for your project.IMG_0010

Next is the fun part. You can use any color or kind of felt you wish. They even have felt with a sticky side that makes this part even easier. Get your child or grandchild and trace their hands on a piece of felt. Cut the hands out and with a marker, puffy paint or I’ve even used iron on letters put their name, age and year on the hands. I’ve even let my children color and decorate their hands. Then hot glue the hands to your tree skirt. If you want to maximize your room and have a lot of little ones don’t start in the middle like I did. Start on one end and work your way around. I started in the middle and not only am I running out of room now  my years are all mixed up. I wish I could have put them in order. I love seeing their tiny hands and how much they have grown and yes my 13 year-old daughter has agreed to continue doing the hand prints which makes me happy.

Do you have a crafty tradition? Why don’t you share it with me in the comments below.








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