Have Hope in 2019

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Photo by Shayla on Pexels.com

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all of you. I took a break last week as Christmas Eve was a very, very busy day for us. It was a good Christmas with family. It’s funny how in a week you can move on to other things. I have all my Christmas decorations put away except for the tree.

After the holidays I’m scheduled for another epidural injection in my sacra hip joint and the piriformus muscle on my right side. The hope is still that the muscle is possibly pinching my sciatic nerve and by blocking the area the nerve pain in my foot will go away. This, my doctor told me, is his last attempt. If it doesn’t work he is sending me to someone who does acupuncture. I’m hopeful, though its hard to be hopeful when I’ve now been through this process four times without out much improvement in my foot. Thankfully it has helped my back pain, each time.

When you facing a challenge or a disappointment in your life its important to be hopeful. Joyce Meyers calls it, Bible hope. You have to decide for yourself that the outcome will be good, regardless of the outcome. That may not make a lot of sense but I want to move forward in life, not be stuck thinking about all the things my foot won’t allow me to do. So I have to decide, ahead of time that this will work and I will have a good outcome.

New Years is also full of that fresh idea that this year I can make changes and things can be different. I’m not usually big on new years resolutions. In the past I always thought I was setting myself up for failure. But this year there is so much I want to change, I want to do I went about setting some goals for myself. I’m currently reading about and studying the idea of vision boards and I hope to actually acquire the tools to make one this week. Perhaps when it’s done I’ll share the process with you all. My friend who does vision boards says you have to have a word that God gives you to center yourself around for the year. I don’t know if God has given me a clear word yet but I like the word hope, I like that I can decide to hope regardless the outcome. Joyce Meyers also said “It is better for me to have hoped for something and never got it than to have never hoped at all and got everything.” I like that thought. I think God wants us to hope, I think something happens in our spirits when we do, Something bigger than just having faith. I think Jesus had hope, he gave hope but I think he had hope too that his love would change our lives.

So whatever it is that your facing, however big it seems start this year having hope that it will bear a good outcome. That through it you will grow into who God wants you to be and that its not the final word, it won’t last forever and it’s not constant.

Please share with me what you do at the beginning of the year. Do you make a vision board or new years resolutions? Leave me a message in the comments below.


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