Vision of Hope

Hope is still something I’m holding on too. I had my last set of epidural injections about 5 days ago. I have experienced a lot more pain this time around and I hope it is because the nerve in my foot is finally waking up. Walking and driving have been a struggle but thankfully I have loved ones who have helped me. I did make a vision board and wanted to share that process with you in case it is something you might inspire to do.

I started by drafting out my new years resolutions on paper. I was very descriptive about what I wanted to accomplish and even gave myself some deadlines. The main areas I was focusing on was the state of the house, I want to declutter and organize, and my own goals with making jewelry. I also focused on my spiritual and family goals. Once I finished that I got a bunch of old magazines from my mom and started looking thru them. Any picture that looked encouraging or was an area I was focusing on I cut out. I also cut out a lot of words.

God truly catered my pictures around the idea of hope as I even found a page of quotations about hope in one of the magazines. I went through about 6 magazines till I found all I wanted to include. Using Modge Podge I attached the pictures in a collage. Below is the result. img-0169

I kind of separated the picture into four quadrants. In the top left I put organizational ideas and how I’d like my work space and our entry way to look. In the bottom left I put my focus on my family and children. The lower right is how I’d like to work on my music and gifts God has given me and the top right is how I’d like to to work towards being healthy again. The pool is because I’d like to begin swimming and water aerobics again soon to strengthen my core and back so that all these injuries can heal. I did enjoy making this vision board and found it a very encouraging activity. I do hope some of you try it. If so let me know in the comments.

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