CGFAA’s Peter Pan and CPMS 30 Reasons Not To Do A Play, two shows the same week!


My Middle daughter, Lucy, is in the current running production of CGFAA’s Peter Pan. She has finished 5 shows and has 4 shows left. My oldest daughter, Zoë was in her middle school play, 30 Reasons Not To Do A Play, during the past weekend. So our household is literately filled with DRAMA right now. IMG-8835

Because both of them had a show on Friday, Lucy had to fend for herself and with the help of a good friend, Coleen, was able to get a ride home. I was thankful that my girls have such a good supportive and loving family. My parents and their cousin Lisa and her son Tim and their Aunt Carol all came to see Zoë Friday and Lucy on Saturday.

IMG-8819 Zoë had a number of  rolls in her school play and did very well. I am so thankful that she was able to make friends with her peers and that she has found something she enjoys doing. My oldest is quite an inter-vert and quiet, it was wonderful seeing her come out of her shell.

IMG-0414Lucy plays an Indian in the production of Peter Pan. I am helping on costumes again so I was able to get some behind the stage pictures of the show during tech week. These kids work so hard and really look out for each other. It’s a very family oriented atmosphere. Working in costumes is fun, and I really enjoyed helping make costumes for this show. There are about 120 kids total so it takes a team of costume moms to make sure everyone is clothed.

Although Zoë’s show is over Lucy still has 4 performances. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week. The Thursday night performance is sensory friendly and a great one to take little ones too. Although,  I have had two 5 year-olds tell me the crocodile is scary. The weekday shows are at 7 p.m. and the weekend shows are at 3:30. I encourage anyone in the Greenwood, Indianapolis area to come and support this wonderful group.


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