Celebrating Easter with “The Promise then and Now”

IMG-0506Like some of you I am recovering from a busy Easter weekend. Ours was very spirit-filled. Friday night my family attended 12 Stones Fellowship Church off of Penalton Pike in Indianapolis to see their Good Friday production “The Promise Then and Now.” This is a Easter production put on by the youth group All Over The Map that was written and directed by Theresa and Doug Robbin’s the founders of the group. My children have been a part of AOTM off and on for the past 4 years. This is the first Easter production in that time one of them was not in but we love the group so much we couldn’t miss a performance. It was beautiful.

Doug and Theresa Robbins told the story of Jesus through song, dance and storytelling. They started with a mime/dancing performance to the song “Breath of Heaven” by Amy Grant in which the children portrayed the birth of Jesus.IMG-0504 Narratives by Theresa and Worship leader Allison Hilldebrand  told the story of Jesus till Theresa described the story of the adulteress where she told the rest of the story through that characters eyes. Another dancing to the song “How Can It Be” by Lauren Dagle portrayed the death of Jesus and reminded the audience powerfully of how Jesus covers our sin. IMG-0508The final number was “How Beautiful” by Twila Paris where the children danced with Jesus, portrayed by Doug Robbins,  and ended with a wedding that extended an invitation to those in the audience.

It was a beautiful heartfelt performance and you could tell the children involved truly enjoyed performing and learning it. I even found out later that one of the girls in the group had choreographed part of the song, “How Can it Be” for a talent show and the Robbins decided to put it in the performance. Everyone involved did an excellent job.IMG-0510

We were so blessed by the performance we decided to return to 12 Stones on Sunday for Easter on our way to my husband’s sisters house about an hour away. 12 Stones is one of my favorite churches that I have been blessed to attend. However it is about a 45 minute drive from our house which in my current condition has kept us from attending regularly. As of last November I don’t feel safe driving the interstate with my foot so I we had not been there for a while. We were so loving welcomed and I was so glad to see Allison, Theresa and many more people from the church. It was such a blessing to see them. I am so thankful for the many blessings that made my Easter a happy one.IMG-0514

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