The Art of Bravery

IMG-0564There’s this magical place about an hour and 15 minutes south of where I live called Nashville, IN in Brown County. I always wanted to live there. For one its beautiful. Hilly with trees and big high outlooks. The Brown County State Park is full of beautiful trails to walk and the town is like a mini Gatlinburg. Small shops, kettle corn, ice cream and an artist colony. I was so excited this past week when we got to visit.

My oldest daughter’s 8th grade art teacher entered one of her drawings in the Mabel B Annis Student Art Competition and the piece was on display at the Brown County Art Gallery. IMG-0566Sunday was the reception and awards so after church we drove south. It was a beautiful drive in the country. The trees were all in bloom and the clouds were starting to break up. We ate lunch at a small restaurant in town and walked  down to the gallery.

My parents were there when they we arrived. My youngest son adores my Dad and he was thrilled to have his Papa. We looked at all the pictures and talked, I was excited until my mom pointed out to me that awards had already been placed by the pictures and my daughter’s was not chosen.

As a mother and an adult it was ok, I was still proud of my daughter for being picked and for being on display. For my 8th grade daughter there is a level of disappointment and humbleness. I realized how brave these young artists have to be. Whenever you put out something you create in the public eye it undergoes scrutiny and art really boils down to which piece appealed to the one judge more. You have to be brave to allow something you create be rejected or chosen.

I life its the same way, we all create in some way.  We are innovative in our work down to making tonight’s dinner. If were not willing to undergo scrutiny we never grow as individuals and that willingness takes being brave.

We finished the afternoon visiting a few of the beautiful shops on the street buying ice cream and kettle corn for the way home. We made plans to go back soon, let the girls ride horses and hike. I watched my daughter be gracious to her teacher and family, loving to her siblings and grow a little bigger before my eyes. I am thankful I have an artistic daughter who is becoming a little braver everyday.

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