Thankful for Improvement

In my last post I wrote about my surgery that I am still recovering from. After seeing the Doctor last Tuesday I was released to walk in the boot. I spent a week with a new freedom of being able to go to different rooms and down stairs. This past Tuesday I was given a further freedom as my bandages came off permanently and 11 of my 15 stitches were taken out.

The doctor put band-aids over the remaining four stitches and gave me a compression sock to wear. I am now able to wash my foot and shave my leg! Something I did gladly this morning. I still have to wear the boot when I walk but I’m hoping next week that will be gone too.

I think about how much I have learned to be grateful in this journey. I can remember in my college speech team years wearing the biggest blockiest heels I could find and walking around the college campus’s, too proud to put tennis shoes on between rounds. Now, wearing only tennis shoes for the past two years might be my penance, but the gratefulness I feel when I am able to walk again. The joy I receive when tired and hurting I had made it 3 miles on my birthday and 6 miles on vacation. The hope I have that as I heal I  will be able to walk further, drive further and feel more normal.

I am so grateful I will be able to walk normal again, even if its not today I know it will be soon.


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