CGFAA’s Production of Frozen Jr. Takes the Stage.

IMG-1506Tomorrow is opening night for my middle daughter Lucy’s play Frozen Jr. by Creative Grounds Fine Arts Academy centered here on the south-side of Indianapolis. This is Lucy’s fourth production with the group and her first time having a role with a line. She’s a towns person. The play will take place at T. C. Howe High School starting tomorrow November 21 through November 24. If you’d like to go please go to this link for tickets and time.

I again got to work on costumes for this play. From ball room gowns to bathing suits I got to work along side some very special friends from past shows. Melissa Yockum and Jill Bradley-Levine were the leaders in costumes this time and I this was my third show working with them. I love the community this group has formed for us parents. I think we make friends and bond just like the kids do. There is a special bond that forms when you are working together for something and its one of the things I truly enjoy about this group.

IMG-1501Last night I snuck into rehearsals and got a few pictures. So I hope you enjoy the few sneek peeks before tomorrow’s show. My littlest, Hunter who is five will be going to morrow and this is the first of his sister’s play’s he’s attended. Thursday night shows are perfect for him because it is the sensory friendly show. On Thursday nights CGFAA makes the show extra accessible to young children and children who may have sensory issues. Loud noises and strobe lights are excluded from the show and the theater is never completely dark. Houselights say lit. The children are aloud to stand up or move if they need to. Its a really special night and perfect for his first time.

We have a busy few days ahead of us but I love the theater life and am excited to see it all together. If your in the area it is defiantly worth coming and seeing. Leave a comment if you come so I can look for you!


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