Main Water Line Broke on Our Street Last Night

IMG_2097We had one big thunderstorm last night right around 3:30 a.m. It lasted till about 6 a.m. and at about 5 my whole house was awake. Crazy thundering and lightning. I checked out the window twice to see if our two trees were still standing. Either the overflow of water or the storm itself caused the main line of water near our house to break. My friend across the street texted me at 5 a.m. saying she had no water. I got up late due to the storm. Took my shower at about 9 a.m. I was worried that there was a leak somewhere in the house because the water pressure sputtered a few times. I got dressed, walked cautiously around the house praying not to see any water. We’ve had at least 6 leaks in our house since we purchased it 15 years ago and have had to replace the floor on our main level 4 times. Around 10:30 I could hear and see a number of people working on my neighbor’s corner. At lunchtime I went out and talked to one of the workers. He said it had been a large break in the mainline and had taken a long time to fix but that they were about done. My neighbor’s tree had been pulled up, and a part of the yard dug up.

It made me think of when we have a main line break in our spiritual lives. You see when we become Christians we have a direct main line to God though the gift of the Holy Spirit. We have God’s ear when we pray. God’s word to lead us and the Holy Spirit living in us helping us along the way. But when we don’t commune with God through reading the word and praying our mainline is broken.

When a mainline is broken there’s no water. We can’t cook, bathe, drink. When our spiritual mainline is broken its the same way. We can’t receive guidence, repent of our sins or have our spiritual cup filled.  We are frustrated, depressed and angry. We try to find water from other sources only to come up dry. The fruits of the spirit are still seen in us but only in spurts.

You can still be a Christian with a broken main line but you cannot be a healthy, thriving, growing Christian, You need water. You need time with God, every day. You need to establish that main line, mend it, bulldoze it up and repair it. You might feel exposed for a while but once its fixed you can grow again, you can heal.

Lord I pray for broken main lines today. I pray you put people in the path of those who need repaired and lead them towards your water, your word. I pray for healing of hearts and spirits. I pray for growth and leading to your purpose. Pour your water on us Lord. In Jesus Name Amen.


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