Karitos Has First 10 Day Art Challenge


IMG_2118Community is important. Right now its hard to stay involved in a community. We are all secluded in our homes. However one of the ways to battle depression and anxiety is to have a good support system. To surround yourself with people who love and encourage you. People who check on you who you can be real and honest with. To be healthy you need other people to help you.

I am part of a few great communities. Karitos is one of them. Karitos I’ve talked about in previous posts but it is a group of artists from all kinds of art forms that gather together for a conference once a year in the Wisconsin/Chicago area. Karitos Worship Conference Creates New Opportunities for Young People is a post I wrote about our conference last summer if you’d like more information about it.

If your creative, like me, surrounding yourself with other creative people really does help you grow not only in your creativeness but also easies the anxiety you might feel sharing your talents. I’m very excited that Karitos is offering a 10 day art challenge. It begins May 13 and runs through May 22. If you go to the event and select that you are going you will receive a link to a Facebook group. Starting May 13 there will be a prompt every day around 9 a.m. EST. You have the day to create something based on that prompt. It can be a painting, a photograph, a poem, a short story, a dance, a song, a Bible journaling page, anything you create. Post a picture of your creation below the prompt in the comments for that day to complete the challenge.  Here’s the link for the event. Karitos Art Challenge.

It will also be posted on the Karitos Instagram site daily. If you would rather participate on Instagram the hashtags are #KaritosArtChallenge and #Karitos2020.

I hope you join the challenge with me. My creative outlets are crafting, sewing, writing songs and spoken words, chalk drawing and making jewelry. I can’t wait to see what happens during that 10 day time. I hope to see you and get to know you better.


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