God’s Always With You

Getting my temperature taken before I see the doctor for my broken knee

The struggle of breathing through a mask while I swing on my crutches into the waiting room. 

The weekly drives to physical therapy that disrupt the day, his work, my parenting

E-learning taught standing up because it hurt too much to sit in the kitchen chairs

All ended yesterday. Five weeks later.

I now can start the journey of walking without a brace or crutches again

But social distancing keeps me from journeying very far

My porch, backyard, the drive to the horse barn have become the distances I go to.

But 6 feet apart I know you are not. You have been right beside me the whole time

Protecting me from my enemies, providing for me 

This was only one of the struggles I have yet to face

You will continue to protect me. You have prepared for me a home, 

Where I will be undisturbed. Where I can breathe again. – A Quarantine poem May 2020

We’ve all had our own struggles through this quarantine time. My biggest one is that the day before Easter I fell and broke my knee cap. Last Thursday I was released to walk without my brace. It has been awesome to go to the bathroom and walk around without that bulky brace on my leg. However my knee is still a little wobbly and will need some TLC before It’s back to normal. God has provided for me every step of the way and I am so thankful to be almost back to normal.

This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend and we decided to go to Brown County State Park and let the kids ride the horses. My youngest is too little to do a trail ride so we let him ride the ponies while his older sisters took a trail ride. It was busy but not as crowded as It has been in the past. We got done letting my youngest ride before the girls came back and my husband agreed to watch him and let me do some exploring. There was a beautiful bridge with stairs going up behind the creek. I really didn’t want to climb the stairs but I could feel the Holy Spirit pointing me in that direction.

I went very slowly up the stairs and then slowly up the winding trail that seemed to keep going upward. I kept telling myself I’ll walk for a few more minutes then turn around. I saw a beautiful painted turtle right in the middle of the trail. IMG_2214A couple of feet further, right when I was about to turn around I cam across a beautiful stone theater. It was so cool. And perfect timing as I needed to sit at that point. I called my husband and told him to come up there as soon as the girls were done riding. I heard them moan and groan all the way up the hill but they were so excited to see the area as well. My middle child recited Hamilton on the top of her lungs from the “stage.” While the other two climbed the stops and explored. It was such a “God Kiss” as one of my friends says.

It made me think about how we walk are paths in life. If were walking with God he provides what we need. He knew after that hill I’d need to rest. I would have given myself a log. He gave me a beautiful limestone stage and a moment with my family, Something my heart needed too. It’s all about perspective and God sees a perspective we don’t. He’s always with you, behind and in front of you.


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