Karitos Hosts Virtual Showcase Contest

Karitos Christian Arts Association is hosting a virtual showcase on June 20. Submissions will be accepted from May 22 to June 5. Submissions will be posted on Facebook for public voting from June 8 through June 19 in the Karitos Virtual Showcase Event.  The posts most voted for will receive prizes and appear on the Virtual Showcase Event June 20. All ages are welcome to audition for this event.

In addition anyone appearing as part of the Virtual Showcase will be invited to participate in the Karitos Coffeehouse event taking place in July.

Kariots encourages all art forms including dance, film, literary, music, theater and visual art so If you enjoy one of these art forms and want to audition I encourage you to do so. Groups are encouraged to audition as well.

To audition you will submit a video of your piece as an Mp4 file, Facebook, YouTube or website link. In order to participate in the coffee house event in July you must be registered to attend the event by July 1.

this is an exciting way to showcase your talents and I encourage you to audition!



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