Glasses Change Perspective in Many Ways


I didn’t think I needed them

Didn’t realized I squinted or held my paper far away to see

But when I put on my glasses everything became easier

Fine details I missed, paragraphs I would skip made sense

I no longer ignored the long writings of my friends facebook posts

Truth is like that

You don’t realize you need it 

Until someone shows you the lies though its lens

I didn’t realize I was squinting and stumbling in life

Wandering though decision after decision with my eyes closed

Your word put it back into focus

So priorities can shift like sand

The quietness of your truth stands above it all

How perfect is your laws.

The weigh and balance the universe

They keep our paths straight.

-written May 14.

I got glasses about a month ago and I am finally used to them. Its been an adjustment and most of the time at home I forget to put them on or I take them off and misplace them. I was very surprised I needed them. I’ve had good vision since middle school but the optometrist said it was my age and it was time to get them.

My new glasses

God has a lot to say about how we see. How we see each other and the situations we are in. Without wisdom and discernment that we can receive from reading God’s word, life is a lot like I was without glasses. If things got blurry I’d just stop reading, look somewhere else. I didn’t know how to deal with the uncomfortableness of not seeing clearly. God’s wisdom allows us to see a situation clearly so that we don’t have to be uncomfortable or afraid to deal with it.

God also says a lot about what we look at. “The eye is the lamp of the body, If your eyes are healthy your whole body will be full of light.” Matthew 6:22

When we look at unhealthy things it effects our body. I struggled a lot with anxiety and much of it had to do with the scary movies I had seen and scary books I had read. I was very paranoid and sometimes I couldn’t sleep when my husband was away on business because of what I had watched on T.V. I had to give up watching those kinds of shows to help control my anxiety. Many friends of mine have told me when they watch the news now days they get very anxious, honestly I do too. What we see affects how our body reacts. It effects our emotions and mood. This is just one example of how we need to be careful of what we watch.

Self care sometimes needs to be diligent and intentional. Sometimes we need to let go of things once we see that they are not beneficial to us. The Holy Spirit reveals these things to us the more time we spend in prayer, study and worship.

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