Grief is Painful but God can Heal

I lost a friend last Monday. She didn’t die of Covid but of other factors. But since her death I’ve had a lot of anxiety. She has a daughter my oldest age and I can’t imagine her life without her mom. I don’t feel hopeless and honestly the grief I’ve felt is much different that I’m used to. Its painful not sorrowful. I think about all the things she won’t experience. Her daughters graduation, wedding, babies…providing these things happen, all those things we as parents dread and look forward to in the same breath.

Death is hard. I truly believe it is so hard because originally when God created Adam and Eve death didn’t exist yet. I don’t think we are equip to deal with such loss, without him. We weren’t made to accept it. Coping and grieving is not the same as accepting. Only God can heal that kind of pain.

We are fragile. We don’t know when our last moments will be. But we can have peace that God knows and he will take care of us until then and beyond if we believe. My friend death was quick, unexpected and very hard. But God provided, even in this season of Covid, to have the hospital allow her family to be their in her passing. Family helped with the burial in an amazing way and even the funeral home supplied Diet Coke (my friends favorite drink) at her funeral in memory of her. God blesses us even in our grief because he is a gentle good God.

I pray for peace and comfort in the days ahead for my friend’s family. If your struggling with grief, I pray the same for you. Go to God. Try to see his hand in the situation. It will help you see His grace for everyone.

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