Among Us Birthday Goodie Bags

My son turned seven recently and like many others his age loves the game Among Us. It amazes me how this game has gone from a video game to the game everyone wants to play at the playground. We decided to have an Among Us themed birthday party at Chucky Cheese for him.

Since most Among Us decor is only available on ETSY I decided to design my own goody bags. To replicate these what you need is black goodie bags, I found mine at Party City in the over 40’s area, a white chalk marker, foam in multiple colors as well as white, A blue and gray marker and a black Sharpie marker, adhesive clear crystals, craft scissors and adhesive Zots.

I made a copy of the Among Us character by printing off and enlarging an image from the internet and then cut that image out and traced it onto the foam with the Black Sharpie. I also cut out the helmet and traced that onto the white foam. I used the blue and grey marker to color in the shading on the helmet. Then using the adhesive Zots, which are just dried dots of glue I attached the helmet to the body. Once the marker dried I attached the body to the bag with the Zots and decorated the bag with clear adhesive crystals to look like stars.

Then using the white chalk marker I put the child’s name on the bag. You can use fun sayings like they are sus or they are not the impostor.

I filled the bags with goodies that were my sons favorite things in the same color of the impostor character which was also that child’s favorite color. I had a lot of blue impostors in my game!

The bags along with an impostor cake designed by his older sister were a big hit and my son had a blast turning 7.

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