My Bout with Covid

I drew this the second day I was out of isolation playing with my son. Jesus was a lion fighting for me while I was sick. I wanted to honor Him and thank Him.

On August 9 at 11:30 at night I felt my heart drop into my chest as I saw my covid test had come back positive. The fear I had been caring since December of 2020 was real. I had caught the dreaded disease. I quickly donned a mask and told my husband in tears and hid myself in my sons bedroom. He had a bad habit of sleeping with me in my bed but in this case it was a blessing as it freed up his room. I stayed in there for 10 days. I got very sick and was seen by the doctor and put on a steroid at one point. I am now almost done with my second round of steroids and am doing much better.

I’m writing this to hopefully give you hope that when the worst things happen God is still there and still loves you and is blessing you. God blessed me with a doctor who was willing to see and treat me. God blessed me with a vaccine that I did take and I do believe I would have been much sicker without. Not trying to be political, just my personal feelings on the matter. More blessings came from the vaccine, since my children and my husband were also vaccinated and tested negative for covid the children were able to return to school. Only my youngest son was quarantined for the the entire 14 days. My father who brought food and looked at our washing machine that broke while I was isolated had also received the vaccine. I believe God kept him safe from Covid too.

The biggest miracle for me was that no one else in the family got sick. I was around them with a stuffy nose since Saturday and no one else caught it. God is so good! It was amazing how He provided while I was in isolation. Friends brought meals. My sweet neighbor made me an Indian tea that has helped heal me so much. Family and friends put my name on prayer chains. It was amazing. I felt so loved and blessed even though my biggest fear was coming true.

I was so thankful when my isolation was over and I could be around my family. I spent time with my son, still exhausted, but so happy to watch him play and be with him. I am still recovering but overall I do feel a lot better.

Sometimes in our lives the worst scenario happens and as in my case it happens when you don’t expect it. But here’s the hope. God has good plans for us, He provides for us, he loves us and is working toward are good. That was His promise in Jeremiah to the Israelites when the worst case scenario happened and Babylon took them for slaves. Its His promise to us in our hard times too. My advice celebrate the small miracles and victories you have throughout the hard times. Be thankful and remember we are blessed when we experience trial.

I am so thankful God is healing me and taking care of me. I pray He continues to heal those who are suffering from this disease. I also pray He will heal our country as a whole.

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